Has Complaining Ever Gotten You Anywhere Good?










Sometimes I feel like all I hear is everyone around me complaining about something. I believe that there is a time and place to vent.  Every once and a while, it is good to get things off our chests. But complaining, for the sake of complaining, we all can agree gets annoying to listen to. I think I am a pretty good listener, so when my friends are annoyed with something, I am more than happy to lend an ear and even provide some feedback if asked. But, that is venting and can be okay in small doses. But in the last month or so, I have encountered some types of complaining that caught my attention. I am the type of person who knows that any situation could always be worse, but in these two instances I want to mention I kept thinking, “Is there any situation where people don’t complain? Do we have to always find something wrong?” Do people even hear themselves? Do they care?

First, this winter was really cold and unbearable. No one would disagree with that. Subzero temperatures lingered on for most of the winter. Finally, the temperatures warmed up a little and leveled off to average winter temperatures for this area. Sure, it was cold, but I thought that it was much nicer than subzero temperatures. In fact, some days, 30 degrees felt sort of warm. I still heard people complaining that they were so cold. Like I said, normally, I would be right along with them. But considering the weather had warmed up, I really do not think anyone had the room to complain. The weather could have been much colder.

My other example was that I was reading reviews for a new product I was going to buy online to see if it was worth the money. No thanks to the reviews, all I got was that no one was happy with anything about this product. It was as though they expected it to be a cure-all, which we all know that there is no such thing. The reviewers seemed to have ridiculous expectations that no product would ever satisfy. So, I wondered if maybe they were just posting complaints so they could get reimbursed or get free merchandise. Do people do that a lot? I find that a bit ridiculous considering that the product was not faulty, just not able to live up to their expectations.

I think there is a time and place for complaining. But it can be a real turnoff depending on how people perceive our venting. Having good perspective can keep all of us from taking our complaining too far. But venting for the right reason is okay in moderation.

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