No quiero Taco Bell breakfast


Taco Bells across the country recently began selling an entire new menu of breakfast “food.” The new items are a breakfast version of Taco Bell’s classic menu, equipped with burritos, tacos and crunchwraps.

Courtesy of Kelsey Stiegman Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco looks as appetizing as it tastes with a combination of eggs. sausage and syrup.

Courtesy of Kelsey Stiegman
Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco looks as appetizing as it tastes with a combination of eggs, sausage and syrup.

When I first heard about the new menu I was both excited and terrified. Excited because I have a never-ending craving for disgusting fast food, especially breakfast, and terrified because, well, it’s Taco Bell.

My first trip to the fast food chain confirmed that I was right to be terrified. You can bet these items will live up to the Taco Bell name. They will be just as destructive on your digestive system as the restaurant’s regular items.

I first tried the sausage Waffle Taco and the Cinnabon Delights. The Delights are little donut holes covered in cinnamon sugar with warm, melty icing in the middle. They dazzled my taste buds and forever changed my life. But we all saw that coming since Cinnabon can do no wrong.

The Waffle Taco, however, was a different story. The waffle was more of a tasteless spongy bread and was topped with scrambled egg substitute and Taco Bell’s infamous fake cheese. The taste, or lack thereof, was so bland that I didn’t waste my time finishing the thing.

The next time I went to Taco Bell, I ordered the bacon A.M. Taco and the sausage A.M. Crunchwrap. The bacon Taco was decent, but then again how can you mess up eggs and bacon?

The Crunchwrap was a hefty little thing, which I was not expecting. It was stuffed with a hash brown patty, a sausage patty, scrambled eggs, cheese and a creamy jalapeño sauce. I would say that it was the tastiest item I tried.

Even though I don’t usually like spicy food in the morning, the jalapeño sauce did add a nice little zip to the everyday breakfast flavors. There was a tad too much in some places, but as a whole the Crunchwrap did live up to my expectations.

Along with being slightly lackluster and a bit too spicy, the Taco Bell breakfast items are loaded with calories. Two of the small Cinnabon Delights are 160 calories, but 100 percent worth it.

The sausage Waffle Taco, on the other hand, is a complete waste of 360 calories. The bacon Grilled Taco has 230 calories and the sausage Crunchwrap was a whopping 710 calories.

From a nutritional standpoint, Taco Bell breakfast should definitely be kept at a distance. But, if you love fast food for breakfast, you definitely need to check it out.

But just once.

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