Top 5 websites to avoid while studying


1. Facebook

Nowadays, everyone has Facebook. One minute after logging in, the instant messages start rolling in from pals, your dad and even your grandmother. The constant dinging of IMs and notifications make it all too easy to become distracted and get sucked into the web. If you must, click the chat button and “go offline” to avoid getting messages. Or, better yet, tell Grams you will call her during a study break and log off.

2. Pinterest

“I’ll just repin one more thing then get back to work.” Girls, we’ve all been there. Obsessing over the perfect wedding dress or a delicious cookie recipe becomes an hour-long process when Pinterest pops up on our browsers. With endless categories to search, from hairstyles to home décor, the mere five minutes that you planned to spend on Pinterest turns into 45 minutes. Keep in mind that the dream life you have been creating will be further out of grasp after failing all of your tests.

3. Tumblr

Bloggers know that telling the world about your day can be addicting. Although it may be tempting to vent or boast online, it can wait until after you finish that research paper. Tumblr is a lot like Pinterest. Once you log in and see all of the happy pictures and life quotes, it is hard to stop scrolling and adding them to your own page. Trust me when I say there will still be pictures of adorable kittens when you log on after your study session.

4. Twitter

People compulsively send tweets. Your Twitter feed will always be full of celebrities promoting their concerts and friends complaining about their insomnia. Sometimes this can be entertaining, but most of the time, these tweets are random thoughts and will be insignificant to your daily occurrences. And don’t forget: tweeting about your pile of homework will not make it any smaller. Update your profile during a study break and keep trucking through your work.

5. Sports Sites

With March Madness coming to an end and baseball season starting up, checking scores online is a top priority for sports fans. Going to the library only to plug in your headphones and listen to the game defeats the purpose of getting out of your room in the first place. Download an app that will automatically send you updates of significant plays to keep an eye on the scores.

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