Trying to Get the Most Out of Class










Do you ever sit in class and think, “Why am I even here today?” The thought can pop into our heads for many reasons. I want to talk about getting the most out of class or your lectures. When we are lucky, we pick a really great professor who is pleasant and entertaining in class. But more often than not, we are not as lucky. We might have a professor who should have retired years ago, or is super monotone. In that case, how do we survive going to class? What is the point? What do we get out of going to class? What can we do as students to rise above the boredom and get the most out of the money we are spending on classes?

It can be a challenge, for sure, in some classes. Sometimes the only thing we can do is power through. Some classes we just have to get through to move on to the next. If you have a professor that is not good at teaching the material, unfortunately, sometimes you have to be your own teacher.  That is why when you do find that stellar professor, you have to take advantage of that. Go to office hours and get to know them, because you may never have the opportunity again to establish that type of relationship with another professor. It depends on what the professor’s main objective of teaching is. Are they trying to impact their students or are they teaching just because they have a Ph. D? If you are learning, but are just bored during class, occupying yourself by taking notes or doodling might be a way for you to be engaged in the lesson without being bored by the lecturer. This is a good option for some because studies show that using paper and pen while learning aids us in actively learning the material, as opposed to just listening. When staying home seems like the best solution, I tend to disagree only because we are paying for every lecture. When I  was a freshman, I was told by one of my professors that each class is worth $44.00 of tuition money.

I believe getting your money’s worth out of your classes is important.  And you may not always be doing that, even if you go to every lecture.  If the professor is not holding up their end of the deal, then you may  not be getting your money’s worth. That is frustrating, but we can rise above it. Depending on your situation, you can figure out the best solution to get the most out of your classes while in college.  And hint: It is not sitting on Facebook or sleeping during the whole class because you are bored.

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