Career Center inspires female success in the workplace

Illinois State University’s Career Center will host several speakers to build confidence and give advice to women in the workplace at Secrets of Professional Women.

This event will be held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Prairie Room at the Bone Student Center.

Female students will gain knowledge on relevant topics for women pursuing professional careers and is an opportunity for students to gain information from early career to mid-career achievers. This will be done through a panel of speakers including Angela Davenport, coordinator for ISU Diversity Advocacy and Lindsay Vahl, associate director for Alumni Relations at ISU.

The keynote speaker for the event is Barbara L. Yong, a nationally known speaker and groundbreaker on topics specific to wage gap and speaking on equal amendment rights for women. She will help students gain a better understanding of the various challenges in today’s workplace such as the wage gap for women.

“Barbara brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of relevant topics for female college students pursuing professional careers …The Career Center is very excited to bring a professional of this caliber to our campus and share her insights on critically important topics,” Maureen Roach, senior assistant director for special populations at ISU, said.

Student will gain insider tips from successful women willing to share their stories and the event will benefit young women beginning their career journey. Panel members will speak about their own career paths, their challenges, influences and successes along the way.

The event was chosen to be held on Equal Pay Day, a symbolic day for the wage gap topics that Yong will dicuss.

Yong will present the issues that come along with the fact that women make 77 cents to every dollar that men make, an issue that President Obama called wrong and an embarrassment for 2014 in his most recent State of the Union Speech.

This is a first program hosted by the Career Center that focuses on current career trends for young women. After the event, there will be time for the attendees to network with other professionals as well as light refreshments.

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