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One of my professors told the class to “keep your foot on the gas pedal, the semester isn’t over just yet.”  But oh is it ever so close.  I can hear the countdown in my head.  Each morning as I rise out of bed, serves as a constant reminder of how soon I will be waking, not to the homework I abandoned the night prior, but instead and more preferably, to the sweet smell of crisp summer air emanating from my half opened bedroom window back home. 

I haven’t reached a verdict yet on whether this truth serves as a motivator that will push me to finish the semester strong, or an evil torture device that will keep my head in the clouds, dreaming of a tomorrow that seems so close yet so far away.  I think my best interest and the best interest of us all can be found in using this final leg of the semester as a prime motivator to launch us into summer with a positive start, so keep your foot on the gas pedal! Soon that dream of tomorrow will be a reality. 

Keep your head out of the clouds and intact to your shoulders, summer is just around the corner! 


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