Non-Traditionally Yours: Animals

I have this thing I like to do. It is kind of weird and fairly recent but it feels like it is evolving. I began by laughing incredibly hard while using Photoshop to place my friends’ heads onto animals. It was easily the funniest thing to see the hybrid friends on the plains of Africa, or as a dolphin jumping through the air in the Pacific Ocean.

However, this has developed into more. The more I thought about what I was doing the more I realized that there was more to it than laughter. It reminded me that we are, whether we recognize it or not, animals. Pure and simple. We share DNA that is close to both pigs and chimpanzees and yet we think that somehow we are beyond them. Intelligence is usurped by hubris.

The shark is one of the most finely honed predators in on earth besides possibly the amoeba. It has camouflage, teeth that replace themselves, sensors in the forefront of his nose that detects splashes and pulses in the water from miles away.

I recently watched “Blackfish”, watch it if you haven’t, and they found that orca whales have a larger portion of their brains that allow for more complex emotions than humans. We think that our ability to reason and self-actualize is unique and makes us higher than them. Dolphins have been able to recognize their reflections in a mirror, much like the only other animal on earth that can do the same, humans.

So, I like to humble myself by remembering that I am an animal and contain a plethora of minerals that are found in the soil I step on and the other Mammalia on earth. So, please enjoy this picture for a laugh and a reminder.


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