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As of late, reality has begun to set in full throttle. Upon completing a numerous number of credit hours, the school titles you a “SENIOR.” Though this is a great title to have, as it is a major accomplishment, your attitude may begin to change. Over the past semester these are just a few of the thoughts that have gone through my head after realizing I too will soon be graduating. The following is a list of characteristics I have acquired or witnessed since becoming a senior.

1. You contemplate how much time you should spend in campus buildings (such as the library) since once you graduate you may never see them again.

2. You would rather stay in and study than go out.

3. You take every opportunity given to you with the intentions of adding to your network.

4. You contemplate joining multiple RSO’s for the sake of being in them, but think, “nahh. I’m good.”

5. You’ve become a pro at swooping into class a minute before it starts.

6. You realize there are so many more internships you wish you had on your resume.

7. Finally, you realize why ISU is truly such a great school to go to.

Whether you are graduating in May, or maybe even December, many thoughts come along with being a senior. We spend four year (or two if you are a transfer student) making friends, creating memories, and ultimately stepping forward in our goals with our future careers. Upon looking back on these years once in the real world we will begin to realize how this was the best time of our lives.


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