Best Grocery Store: Wal-Mart

wallyBecause of the near-empty wallets college students tend to have, it’s no surprise that they tend to frequent Wal-Mart.

The chain has been voted the Best Grocery Store in Bloomington-Normal, and that comes as no surprise. The store, located on Greenbriar Drive near Veterans Parkway, carries everything a college student needs: produce, meat, canned and dry foods, and an array of beverages, including alcohol. Additionally, the number of home necessities that Wal-Mart carries is phenomenal, such as vacuums, cleaning products, and hygiene products.

Senior economics major Ben Dunn said, “The savings at Wal-Mart are as good as it gets. You just can’t beat those low, low prices.”

Dunn is right — the marketing campaigns that advertise Wal-Mart’s low prices are not myths. The store offers to price check items that are marked lower at competing stores, really giving shoppers the best available options.

Even more conveniently, the store is open 24 hours a day, so students can always squeeze in some time for shopping, no matter how busy they are.


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