Best Late Night Transportation: Magic Bus

Being stranded somewhere can really ruin a good time, especially after a fun night of hanging out in Downtown Bloomington. However, party buses offer a safe and convenient way for students to get home.

Magic Bus, which boasts the title of “The First Mega Party Bus in Blo-No” on its Twitter account, has been busing students back and forth since 2007 and has been voted the Best Late Night Transportation for the 2013–2014 school year.

For only $3, students can take the Magic Bus around campus, complete with music and lights to keep the liveliness going. Students can plan to have the bus pick them up and take them on a magic ride if they know they’ll need it, or they can simply get on the bus when they’re ready to return to their houses or apartments.

Senior sociology major Morgan Barrowman said that she thought the ride was completely worth spending the small amount of money. “I was home safe in a jiffy,” she explained.

To book the Magic Bus, call (309) 838-4933. This is the company’s third consecutive year winning this award, so the ride must be magical.

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