Best Social Fraternity: Sigma Chi


sigchiThe winner of Best Social Fraternity here on campus goes to Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi won last year as well and is proud of what they have accomplished so far.

Sigma Chi became part of Illinois State in 1985. The fraternity, which is located on Willow Street, has become a strong chapter here at ISU, and the brothers work hard academically and through their philanthropy.

Each year, Sigma Chi holds a weeklong philanthropy event known as Derby Days. This event has sororities and fraternities compete in different competitive activities to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network.

This year, Sigma Chi raised $12,000 and donated more than 67 pints of blood in less than a week through Derby Days.

Sigma Chi also participated in Chi Omega’s large philanthropy March Madness and won first place.

“We are very proud and humble of what we have accomplished in the recent years. Our chapter has come a long way and hope to continue improving our relationships with everyone on campus.” Sigma Chi President Joe Laskey said.

Laskey has been the President for a year and is proud of what Sigma Chi has accomplished so far.

“Our members come from different backgrounds and have different stories. Each one of them brings a unique ability to the house. The leadership in our house is not just within Sigma Chi. Many of our members are involved in different clubs and organizations throughout campus. Without everyone’s experiences, we would not be as strong as we are today.” Laskey said.

If you are interested in learning more about Sigma Chi or are interested in becoming a member of the fraternity, check out their Facebook page and look out for Greek life rushing, which takes place each fall.

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  1. John Henderson


    Keep up the hard work and continue the tradition of excellence!

    Semper Fi & In Hoc,
    Capt John Henderson
    Alpha Pi Pledge Class
    Theta Rho Chapter ’06


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