Semester Blues










I am the type of individual that can get bored if I do the same thing for too long. Usually about midterm, I get bored with the classes I am taking that semester.  I want to move on to a new subject. Surprisingly, this semester I am still content with my classes.  That has to do with the fact that I have really great teachers and am studying a subject I enjoy. Some of you might identify with me. By midterms, you are ready to sign up for next semester’s classes. Yet some of you may disagree. Some of you might just get bored half way through the semester just because you are bored with college altogether. Everything gets hectic. Life is not as fun as it was at the beginning of the semester.  Teachers finally remember they should probably start assigning homework.  Your friends are getting busy and cannot hang out as frequently as they could earlier in the semester.  Needless to say, the middle of the semester can be a drag.

This semester I have not become bored yet. So what is different about this semester versus past semesters? One, I would say is that my classes are all major classes so they are on topics that interest me. But I think what is even more important to point out is that I have  good teachers this semester who are making my classes interesting. Even my 8 A. M. class. Never thought I would admit that! To avoid boredom, what has worked for me is to find something to entertain myself outside of school. That is such vague advice, but we all have different interests.  Sometimes I have to step away from all the stress of college life to refresh myself. We have to decompress from time to time. Some people go home on weekends. Some people get part time jobs. Some people take weekend trips. Some people binge watch Netflix. Just find some route to escape for a while. For those of you that can last 18 weeks without getting bored with college life, great for you. For each of us, we need to learn how to cope with what we are given during a college semester.

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