5 things to never send via Snapchat

Getting close enough with a person to share everything with them is a special feeling, but there comes a time when even “everything” reaches its limit. Look below for a list of things we can guarantee you’d be better off keeping to yourselfie.

1. Your family jewels

Before you send that Snapchat, keep in mind that the person you send it to has no idea what’s in there until he or she opens it up. Your private parts could be on display in a slew of places — like a grandma’s house, or in a classroom with one of those teachers who insists you share what’s on your phone with the rest of the class. Besides, someone you’re smitten with today could turn sour by tomorrow, and if your ex saved a screenshot of your hoo-ha, there’s not much you can do about it.

2. Your doodie

The next time you’re thinking about holding that phone up to your face when you sit down on the toilet…don’t. There is nothing cute about poop, or your face while you’re preparing to drop a load. Like we said before, where your snaps are going to be opened up is a total crapshoot, and besides that, it’s disgusting.

3. Your pillow talk

As Billy Shakes once wrote, “The lady doth compensate too much, methinks.” Of course you want to let your buds know you finally scored with that hot guy from your chem lab, but for goodness sakes, save them the gory details. Not even your best friend wants to see your smudged makeup or that sweaty sheet pressed against your chest. Leave something up to the imagination so your story isn’t anticlimactic later.

4. Your…substances.

MCT Photo

MCT Photo

Leave the smoke and lights to the magicians, kids. Blowing rings into the screen on your phone doesn’t make what you’re doing any cooler, it just makes you look lame.

5. Your professional moments

A perfect time for SnapChat — and your entire cellphone — to take a backseat, is on the day of a job interview. We get it, you want your friends to know it’s the big day and to see your profesh ensemble, but save it until after. You don’t want get caught making a dopey face into your phone when they call you in for your interview.

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