District 87 school board sets sights on computers

As part of their comprehensive five-year plan to support one-to-one curriculum, the District 87 school board approved on Wednesday night a goal of accessing computers to every student.

Prior to the vote, board members and administrators watched a demonstration of how the one-on-one curriculum would work in action for the students.

Approximately 15 Washington Elementary School students, where the board meeting took place, sat with laptops in hand. They sat at a table with the board members and administrators working through problems on a one-on-one basis. A few of the problems involved using the computer to sift through worksheets on a variety of subjects.

The computers are meant to enable the students to work at their own pace, see their progress and access additional resources provided by their teachers.

A few of the other goals approved Wednesday related to academic achievement, the educational environment, personnel, facilities and finances. These new goals would call for students to annually improve their academic skills by at least one grade level. In addition, it would ask the board to manage resources and spending “as responsible steward for taxpayers and community.”

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