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With the end of the semester approaching I am now able to say I have two semesters of blogging experience. What the readers see is the finished product, but the behind the scenes work is a tedious process.

While recently investigating on Pinterest (because the site contains all the answers to life), I came across others’ ideas about how to be a great blogger. It was at that moment I realized how hardcore bloggers are.

I was bombarded by lists upon lists of blogging cheat sheets. Blog planners, blog post ideas….even some blog format ideas. These blogs are planned and outlined before anything is even typed into the text box. The lists of post ideas ranged from DIY videos to creating color collages; the possibilities are endless.

The fact that someone takes so much time into planning their blog still seemed a little ridiculous. Then, I realized I too was a little bit hardcore. Since becoming a student blogger I would always randomly get blog ideas or see something that would make a really great blog. Last fall I had this blog as well as a blog with my internship with notebooks nearby for both those spur of the moment content ideas.

I had simultaneously become a hardcore blogger beginning to plan my blogs’ content weeks in advance. I did not go as far as to plan what time they would be published, but I was in the market to find as much content as possible. I found that this was very helpful and was something that made me just a little bit more hardcore, which should totally be a legit resume credential.


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