Documentary Film Festival to get hot with Sriracha


Illinois State University’s annual COM Week presents Griffon Hammond, an ISU alumnus documentary on the popular hot sauce Sriracha at the Documentary Film Festival, along with many other student documentaries.

The Documentary Film Festival serves as an experience for students that have a passion for documentaries or just want to support others’ effort for social change.

“Democracy only works when we speak out about what we believe,” said Dr. John McHale, associate professor in the School of Communication and faculty advisor for the project.

The ISU Documentary Project Socio-political Film Festival is an excellent opportunity to highlight one aspect of our superior school, McHale said.

“Excellent opportunities for students to use their expertise to express themselves and others in documentaries,” he added.

Over the years, successful filmmakers have come in and shared their story while giving insight on what it takes to be successful. This is the first time the Documentary project invited an accomplished alumnus to present his 30 minute documentary “Sriracha,” which traces the popular sauce with a cult following to the source.

“It is invaluable to have someone who was a student only a few years ago share those ideas,” said Kenneth Porter, senior public relations major and student advisor for the project.

In addition to “Sriracha”, several student documentaries will be screened, including  “In Dying Need,” “Undocumented: Life in Shadows,” “Funnier than Famous” and “Are You There, America? It’s Me, Free Speech.”

The Documentary Film Festival will take place from 6 to 10 p.m.  Wednesday in the Caterpillar Auditorium at the State Farm Hall of Business.

The film festival is a visual example of a career opportunity for students and serves as a nice breather during a jam-packed COM Week,” Porter said.

Students are encouraged to come  out and do their part in changing the world, while enjoying complementary Sriracha flavored popcorn.

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  1. Derick Downey

    NOTE TO READERS! The event is scheduled to start at 7 p.m., NOT 6 p.m.!


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