New director in place for ISU admissions

Jeff Mavros, a 2006 Illinois State University alum, has been named ISU’s new director of Admissions because of his previous experience in the role.

Mavros earned his master’s in developmental psychology, and began his career in Admissions at Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU).He also received his B.A. in Business Administration and Psychology in 1998.

He worked in IWU’s office of admissions for six years before moving to the Advancement Office, where he worked with the University’s annual fund.

In the last three years as director of the annual fund, he has successfully launched initiatives, including a one-day fundraiser which made over $700,000 for Wesleyan.

He used his educational background in psychology to his advantage on the job, leading an effort to research the motives behind alumni donations, so that he could strategically increase the participation of alumni in university funding.

Mavros is also a member of the 2014 class of Leadership McLean County.

“The competitive landscape facing directors of admissions makes this a very challenging job,” Troy Johnson, associate vice president of Enrollment Management, said.

Mavros’s job at Wesleyan gives him an advantage, as he already has plenty of relevant experience in a similar University setting. His work at Wesleyan  made him an expert in campaigning, networking and working as part of a team towards a common goal, all of which are key in bringing in new students at ISU.

“Jeff’s experience with fundraising, development and setting targets, combined with his many years working in admissions, makehim the perfect candidate for this job,” Johnson said.

He expects Mavros to work efficiently and effectively with the strong admissions team he has inherited, and emphasizes the synergic atmosphere that makes ISU such a special university.

“Everyone on campus knows his or her role and continues to make this a great university,” he added.

Moving forward, Mavros will work in ISU’s admissions office to “continue to attract a high quality and diverse class of new students year in and year out,” Johnson said.


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