‘Once Upon a Time’ stars say ‘I do’ at last

Fans of “Once Upon a Time” rejoiced this weekend as Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas tied the knot.

The actors, who play Snow White and Prince Charming on the ABC show, began their relationship in 2011 while filming in Canada. Much to fans’ excitement, they announced their engagement last October.

Because the show centers on the storybook characters we all know and love, the couple’s marriage feels like the perfect fairy tale ending.

MCT Photo Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas' real life romance is just as exciting for fans as their on-screen affairs.

MCT Photo
Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas’ real life romance is just as exciting for fans as their on-screen affairs.

According to “Once Upon a Time” fan and senior integrated performance major Artemis Steakley-Freeman, the couple’s nuptials are a “big deal” to fans.

“The Snow/Charming tag line is ‘I will always find you,’” Steakley-Freeman said, “and the fact that they found each other in real life is far too much for us to handle. It’s adorable.”

The actors’ chemistry was palpable on screen, and fans have been speculating about their romance since the show’s beginning.

Steakley-Freeman described some particularly titillating aspects of the show, which tipped her off to the couple’s real-life romance and makes their love all the more exciting.

“There is a moment while Snow and Charming are both under the sleeping curse, and they both end up in the fire world. They have this beautiful moment where Snow says, ‘You found me,’ and Charming replies, ‘I’ll always find you.’ They’re being separated by a wall of fire, and Snow is freaking out because she can’t get to him, and then he jumps through the fire. It’s amazing.”

If their marriage wasn’t enough for frenzied fans, Goodwin and Dallas are also expecting their first child together later this year.

Despite Hollywood’s obsession with “baby bumps,” there have been no photos of the pregnant Goodwin in her Monique Lhuiller wedding gown, leaving many to wonder if the lack of photos can be attributed to the wedding’s intimate nature.

Only about 30 close friends and family members were in attendance. Or maybe Goodwin, being very pregnant, does not fit into the ideal mold of a Hollywood bride.

Regardless, fans are desperate to see what the couple looked like on their special night. It is rare that a TV couple gets together in real life, which makes this particular Happily Ever After just a little happier.

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