COM Career Institute opens doors for students

As part of COM Week 2014, a Career Institute will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday in the Brown Ballroom.

Students of all ages and majors are invited to improve their professional skills and gain connections in the “real world.”

Rachel Garner, School of Communication promotion and development intern and lead coordinator of the event, says it will be like a career fair, giving students the chance to chat with potential employers for jobs or internships.

However, the Career Institute differs from the average career fair; it will offer both job opportunities and education on how best to land a job.

“One thing that makes this unique from a career fair is we also hold an education segment in which students can meet with professionals and ask questions about résumés, interviews and cover letters,” Garner said.

The two segments, education and networking, will take place simultaneously.

“The event is set up in the Brown Ballroom with networking tables around the perimeter of the room and the education tables on the interior,” she said.

Both segments will feature over 25 professionals in the field of communication or related professions.

Students will be able to get hands-on insights from potential employers and learn what they really look for in résumés and cover letters.

Two of the education tables will provide interview tips from representatives from ISU Marketing and Communication, Illinois Farm Bureau and Caterpillar.

Another table will touch on job searching with a professional recruiter and a representative from COUNTRY Financial.

Other tables will include information on résumés, landing internships, graduate school, portfolios and job shadowing.

The networking segment will include professionals from organizations such as Great Plains Media, State Farm, St. Jude, Radio Bloomington and more than 20 others, all providing an opportunity for students to get one-on-one advice for landing their dream jobs and making important connections.

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