To Make an Excuse or To Not Make an Excuse? That is the Question.










It seems these days that there is some type of phenomenon going on where everyone just keeps making excuses. It does not matter if you are old or young. We cannot seem to escape using excuses. We use them for all types of reasons. Maybe we do not want to do something or go somewhere. Maybe we want to put something off or avoid it for a while. Maybe we think that if we ignore something, it will go away. Regardless, making excuses is not a good habit to get into. The biggest problem I see though, for people of all ages, is that we make excuses about why we cannot do something or meet somewhere, because we are too busy.

Are we really too busy? Your friend asks you to meet for coffee and you tell them, “I am too busy.” That tells me that that person has not one free minute to devote to their friend. I mean, maybe they are really booked all day. If your friend gives you a specific timeframe  that does not work, that is okay. But I think the biggest point to mention is that despite a busy schedule, we can make time for anything if we are motivated or interested to do so. If our motivation is high for a goal, we will do anything to accomplish said goal. So does that  mean that every time someone makes an excuse that they just are not motivated to do the proposed task? No. But it might seem that way. We as humans are always going, and we get tired. Sometimes we just want to stay home and take a break before taking on more. As much as we love our friends, sometimes we need a break. Sometimes we cannot be  bothered with adding another appointment to our day. Fair enough, but where do we draw the line?

We cannot make excuses for everything we want to avoid, whether short-term or long-term. Those of us that are smart know that. Using excuses in moderation is okay, but if over used, they can come back to bite us. Soon enough, others will learn better and stop including us if we are always “too busy.” Think about that.

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