Easter fun for all ages

If you aren’t heading home this weekend for Easter, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the springtime holiday right around town. Take advantage of fun Easter-themed events in the area, or invite your friends and create your own event in your backyard.

If you are 21…

At 3 p.m. Saturday the White Oak Orchard will be hosting its second annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt. The orchard is in Carlock, a 15 minute drive from campus. Participants must be at least 21 and admission is $10 per person for an afternoon of wine and egg hunting.

The prizes awarded to the winners are pretty enticing as well. They include a bed-and-breakfast overnight stay at Green Gables, located in White Hall, Ill., two tickets to Conklin’s
Dinner Theatre and a White Oak Vineyards gift basket with one bottle of White Oak Vineyards wine, two wine glasses, cheese and crackers.

Senior theatre education major Becky Solomon was very excited to hear about the event.

“I think going to a winery would be so cool. It could be a really fun way to meet other students who enjoy wine. Sounds like such
an awesome way to celebrate a holiday that it usually meant for kids.”

Tickets are being sold now and can also be purchased on the day of the hunt. For more information, contact White Oaks Orchard at (309) 376-3027.

If you aren’t yet 21…

Have a springy get-together with friends and family and make a point of utilizing eggs creatively.

There are plenty of ways to cook them outside of the typical way they’re served up for breakfast. Put fried eggs on top of hamburgers. Bake an egg into an avocado. Make sunny-side up bacon pizzas. And of course, try the classic Easter activity of coloring some boiled eggs.

If real eggs aren’t your thing, create your own Easter egg hunt with friends. Ask everyone to bring a dozen plastic eggs filled with prizes. The prizes could include money, lottery tickets, tickets to a movie, or something as simple as a nice note or handful of jelly beans.Visit a park and have a volunteer hide all the eggs. Then set your friends loose to hunt for the tiny plastic treasures.

If you’ll be hanging out with some younger silbings, a neice or nephew, or if you’re just a kid at heart, why not visit the Easter bunny at Eastland Mall? The furry, cotton-tailed icon will be in the west wing of the mall, near Kohl’s.

Put on your spring attire and give what will hopefully be our last bout of chilly weather the boot as your enjoy an afternoon of good food and friendship.


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