Flanagan admits to yelling at ex-employee

Previous ISU President Timothy Flanagan has disclosed to police that he had yelled at an ISU Grounds worker during a Dec. 5 incident outside his home.

However, Flanagan continues to stand by his statements of not having made any contact with the employee, according to an article in The Pantagraph Wednesday.

As of recently, Flanagan has admitted to Capt. Nichol Bleichner that he had shouted at an employee and acknowledged that an employer should not speak to employees this way, The Pantagraph reported.

Flanagan continues to deny allegations that he spat or made contact with Murphy, however.

Having been charged with disorderly conduct, Flanagan is arranged to be in Circuit Court for the occurrence at 9 a.m. next Wednesday. No bond is required. If found guilty, Flanagan’s sentence could lead to a fine and court supervision. At most, he could face 30 days in jail for the charge.

“It’s now in the court’s decision as for how they are going to prosecute,” Aaron Woodruff, ISU police chief, said.

On Feb. 27, Patrick Murphy, the former superintendent of ISU Grounds, filed a police report about the Dec. 5 altercation that had taken place between Murphy and Flanagan outside the president’s home, owned by ISU.

The morning after, Flanagan willingly went to the ISU Police Department to give his own statements.

The report also says Flanagan is in the midst of hiring a lawyer. Murphy is currently still trying to get his job back and is on probation as of now.

The University has opted to pay Flanagan $480,000, for the rest of this year as well as next school year’s salary, for his resignation as president March 22. The reason behind this executive decision remains unidentified.

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