Moving out rushes the process of moving on


Finals week is a stressful time for everyone, but for graduating seniors, it can be a different sort of anxiety. In addition to final exams, projects and papers, seniors have to deal with figuring out the rest of their lives, even if they don’t have a job lined up right away. Plus, they have the graduation ceremony itself, which is supposed to be a celebration. This would be a more joyous time for most, if they did not have the added stress of moving out of their apartments either the day of graduation or the day after.

Very few realty companies in the Bloomington-Normal area offer reasonable move out scenarios. While it is understandable that they need to receive the keys to their apartment complexes and they need to clean each unit to have it prepared for new tenants in the fall, it also is very inconvenient for its current tenants.

Illinois State graduation ceremonies are on Friday, May 9 and Saturday, May 10, and those who are moving out have to return their keys those days or possibly pay a late charge. However, tenants moving in on the Monday after graduation (this year it would be Monday, May 12) opt to have early move-in, which means that the realty companies do not clean those individual units. So why does there appear to be such a rush to have students move out? As long as they return their keys by the Monday following graduation, it shouldn’t be as big of a deal.

Graduation is meant to be a celebration. Instead, it causes anxiety among students and their families who want to celebrate but instead have to carry out boxes and vacuum every crevice in an attempt to get their deposit back. Timing is difficult because some extended families attend the celebration, and most families want to have a nice lunch or dinner before the commencement ceremony. With all of these other aspects to think about on graduation day, why should moving out be one of them?

Those who move out the day after they graduate don’t have it much better, having to be moved out by around 8 a.m. Yes, this makes it easier to go to dinner the night before with extended families and friends, but it also means that to move out on time, they will have to get up extremely early. This doesn’t seem like  a much better solution.

This Editorial Board proposes that the realty companies think about the way leases work and consider altering them in the future. Obviously, it is too late to change anything this year or even next year, but in the future, changes have the ability to make graduation really be the focus of the weekend, instead of feeling rushed to move out.

Although most realty companies are closed on Sundays, having the latest move out day be on the Sunday after graduation could ease a lot of headaches. If all the keys had to be turned in by noon, the realty companies could still close early enough that day to have time to do other activities, and families of current tenants could have the option of moving out earlier in the weekend if that actually works best for them. There does not need to be a rush to turn keys in, especially when most students do not take advantage of early move in, This solution could help those who are moving out and would not affect those students who do choose to move in on the following Monday. The biggest adjustment would be on the part of the realty companies, and although this makes it a little less convenient for them, in the long run, it seems like the most reasonable solution.

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  1. Anastasia A. Collins

    My family and I experienced this anxiety when my younger brother graduated and then instead of celebrating we had this stress in moving out in his apartment. But still we’re glad that finally he graduated. Congratulations to all the graduates.


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