Online Classes Might Be the Future, but Not For Everyone










I am considering enrolling in an online class this summer. This would be my second time taking an online class. I took a computer based class during one of my previous summer vacations. That class went so well for me. I was pleased to see that one of my classes I planned for the future happened to be offered online. This does not always happen.  With the class being online, I could work at my own pace. That would open up my schedule for other things like a job or internship. I have  heard many times that online classes are the future, so I figure I should get used to this new type of teaching medium.  I do well in online classes because I am organized. I write myself so many notes that there is no way I could forget anything. But not everyone is like me. I have a friend who recently told me that he was enrolled in an online class this semester. But he dropped it and switched to an “in the classroom” section of the course. Why? He forgot to complete the first two chapters’ worth of homework. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot. He said that he knew he’d keep forgetting to complete his assignments without his professor reminding him every week in class. So I agree with the decision he made.

As I said, I have heard that online classes are the future. Slowly, colleges and perhaps some high schools and elementary schools will start to switch some classes over to an online format. While this might be more economical, I doubt it will be completely successful, at first. I think if educators can from day one teach students to utilize online
learning efficiently, they can see their students succeed in the online classroom. But I am not sure that some students who are already farther along in their education would be able to adjust to these changes. Students develop their learning habits early on. All of us learn in our own way. But by trying to immerse young students in this type of learning environment, they could develop learning habits specific to this type of learning experience. Adjusting students to different learning environments and tools require proper exposure, repetition and dedication on both the part of the educator and the

So I say, college students, you have to determine if online classes are a good fit for you or if the traditional classroom is a better fit. And as for the future of online classes, the younger generations should be more heavily exposed to this learning tool. Start early.

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