1. Monograms

Personalize your cap with some elegant script, and show off your initials in your favorite color. After all, you’re the one that put in all the work the past four years. Your relatives will be trying to spot you in a sea of black caps, so make yourself noticeable with a personal banner.

2. School mascot

Don’t kid yourself. Everybody loves Reggie the Redbird. Show your school pride one last time as an undergrad by plastering REDBIRDS in red and white above a picture Reggie. Don’t forget to use interesting materials like felt or paint that will add dimensions to your cap.

3. Symbolize your major

Let everyone know what you’ve been studying throughout college or where you plan to go after. If you’re a theatre major, design colorful comedy-tragedy masks. If you’re a nursing major, bedazzle a stethoscope and your RN letters. If you plain to teach, why not add a stack of books, an apple or a pencil to your cap? If you’re attending graduate school, let everyone know where you’re headed with the logo from your new school.

4. Picture collage

The experiences you’ve had at Illinois State are irreplaceable. Pay tribute to your favorite ISU memories by printing out small pictures and creating a collage of your friends and inspirations from the last four years. Make sure to organize the collage on your cap prior to gluing (ain’t nobody got time for mistakes with Elmer’s). Use red ribbon to make a border and trim between pictures that shows your school spirit.

5. Represent your lifestyle

Chances are you’ve changed a lot since freshman year. What has shaped you most throughout college? Maybe you became a world traveler, a fitness junkie or joined Greek life. Sport your letters or symbols to let everyone know which lifestyle you’ve chosen to adopt at ISU.


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MCT Photo

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