Cherrystock may be on the chopping block

The end of April is typically a time in which ISU students begin to look forward to Cherrystock, a large block party that takes place on Cherry Street in Normal.

Students spend all day grilling, playing bags, beer pong and of course, drinking.

This year, however, talk surrounding the event has been limited, and students are wondering whether or not Cherrystock will be happening at all.

While one anonymous student claims that a Cherrystock-esque event already took place a few weeks ago, junior marketing major and Cherry Street resident Derek Brown, said that the event would have taken place this weekend, had it not been unofficially canceled by the city.

Unsurprisingly, Cherrystock has never been popular with law enforcement or residents in the surrounding neighborhoods as it has a tendency to get loud and heavily populated.

“From what I have heard, the students who were trying to plan Cherrystock went to the city in order to get the permits and were not approved for them,” Brown said. “I think the community is kind of fed up with it, and finally decided to put an end to it, unofficially.”

“I can definitely see both sides,” Brown continued. “The community doesn’t want any more events occurring that have the potential of causing litter and damage.”

When asked whether they had plans to monitor Cherry Street this weekend, Kirk Ijams, Assistant Police Chief of the Normal Police Department stated that the department is “aware that this event typically happens at the end of April,” and that they “do plan to increase [their] staff.”

Brown said he has attended Cherrystock for the past two years but is currently unsure as to whether or not anyone plans to carry out festivities this weekend.

“Last year and the year before they monitored it really closely,” Brown said. “There were rules where you had to stay on Young America property, no public space. I guess this is the first year they finally just said no. As of now, I plan to peek my head outside my door this weekend and see what ends up happening.”

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