Anthropology exhibit in Schroeder to display heritage and diversity

The Introduction to Museum Studies anthropology exhibits will be unveiled at 7 p.m. on Tuesday to the students of the ANT 374 class on the north side of the second floor in Schroeder Hall.

After the Tuesday night event, other ISU students are encouraged to check out the displays and learn more about culture in the U.S.

Each exhibition in the ISU small collection is related to cultural and historical themes — all stemming back to heritage and diversity.

Through these exhibits the students have put together, it is their hope that they can keep people from forgetting their heritage.

“We want to remind people of [their heritage,]” senior marketing major Shelby King said.

King opted to create her own exhibition focusing on clothing and fashion.

“We went through the different collections and picked out what we wanted to work on with partners,” she explained.

Other exhibits in the collection include but are not limited to food and utensils, art and religion. There are six exhibits in total.

The Tuesday night premiere will involve each student explaining in more detail the exhibit they have put together and how they picked out the artifacts they used, explaining what each one is about, King said.

The anthropology exhibits are anticipated to be displayed until next spring — when the next ANT 374 class will begin their display projects.

“We want more students and staff to look at these exhibits because it’s a good thing to re-examine the past and learn about the different artifacts on display,” King said.

“I also think ISU students are interested in looking at other students’ projects,” she added.

Students from Museum Studies courses and anthropology teachers are also invited to check out the displays on opening night. After the opening night event, other students and staff are welcome to go take a look back in history through these exhibits.

Intro. to Museum Studies is taught by Dr. Michael Wiant. The class focuses on students learning about the history, organization and overall management of how museums operate. ANT 374 also teaches them the ways in which museums obtain artifacts and how they preserve and display them.

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