New RSO to make earthlings feel at HOME

A potential registered student organization at ISU will meet for the first time tonight and discuss their mission which deals with a different perspective of planet Earth.

The name of the RSO is HOME. The letters do not stand for anything specifically, but they represent the idea of Earth as the planet being home to all earthlings.

The mission of HOME is to value all Earthlings — plants, animals, humans, insects, ecosystems, etc. — as persons with scientific intelligence and equal intrinsic rights of our shared Earth community, Joe Grabill, advisor to HOME, co-founder of the peace studies program and professor emeritus of history, said.

“HOME is built on the premise that all Earthlings are persons,” Grabill said. “Right now they are not treated as persons, they are treated as objects.”

HOME challenges people to think ecocentric instead of egocentric. For the most part, humans view themselves as superior to all other life forms, or use their ego.

Now, with the planet facing the sixth great extinction it is beneficial for our advancement as a shared community to think about all ecosystems, Grabill said.

In order to get into this new perspective, Grabill suggests playing theater. A person should portray themselves as something they are not. For instance, role playing as an animal or a plant for a day to understand what it may feel like in this position. From this point, a person can comprehend how they even look at themselves.

One of the activities which HOME would possibly sponsor is an All Species Day. This would be a day when students or members alike would create a type of mask or garment.

They would wear the material with them for the day and act like this organism, or answer questions from people who are curious.

The meeting for HOME will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in SCH 201 tonight.  Students, faculty, staff and community members are welcome to join and no fees are required.

Earthlings, as Grabill said, need to see themselves as teachers, and as ISU’s motto states, we should all Gladly Learn and Gladly Teach.

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