Non-Traditionally Yours: Everyone Has A Story

There are a few billion people on the planet. Every one of us are different , but at the same time, are similar. We are Homo sapiens; that is the class we have been caste in. However, there is something unique about this: we can tell stories.

The laundry mat is the one place I love to go. It is so much to be in a place where time is lived by a quarter. I am here until that quarter runs out. That is what time is quantified as. So, the people come and go just as their quarters do. It is amazing to me that people even recognize one another’s existence in that time. We like to believe that everyone is mean or bad and that they will hurt us. We like to think that our space is our space and we can only let others in.

This is not true.

People come in and out of our lives and we generally take no notice. For instance, the cashier at a restaurant is a part of your life, even for a moment. How amazing is it that we are able to have others be part of our life story for a moment. After all, that is what life is. A series of short stories that add up to one large book at the end of one’s life.

Our stories set us apart but there are symbiotic stories. There is another side to each story. This is why I love the laundry mat. I am able to share stories with others but most of all I am able to listen to others’ stories. Beautiful, tragic, funny, and serious; their stories are what accent mine. They make my story all the more real simply by being part of it.

This simple fact is why I am not a huge discloser. I love to hear the stories of others and you may find if you stop and listen for just a moment how amazing the stories are of others. 



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