Normal PD makes crash reports available online

The Normal Police Department has implemented a new, convenient way to view accident reports online. It will essentially serve as a faster way to settle business with insurance companies.

The police department is using a program called LexisNexis, which posts the reports online and can be viewed for 13 dollars per report.

Normal implemented the program this week, the same program that Bloomington has been using since March.

Paper has been eliminated from the system after the state mandated that a paperless system be enforced.

Officials say the reports can be made available more quickly online than a regular hard copy of the report.

Reports can be posted as soon as the same day as the report is filed, where as it could take up to five business days to process a hard copy.

Officers are becoming familiar with the program and the process. They are looking to speed up the amount of time it takes to complete a traffic report.

“Right now officers are going to have to get used to using a new system, but once they do it will be faster,” Normal Assistant Chief Kirk Ijams said.

Reports can still be made available via paper through Freedom of Information  Act requests at a cheaper fee than online reports.

Online traffic and accident report access follows the digital switch Normal made earlier this year in terms of online parking tickets. Normal Police Chief Rick Bleichner said that technology will be used at every opportunity that arises.

The Normal Police Department processes on average 3,000 accident reports a year.

A similar online system is planned to be used in the McLean County Sheriff’s office in the next few months.

Online reports can be viewed at

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