Redbirds fall, 4-0 to Wichita State

Archive Photo: Senior Phyllis Tigges is happy with how she and her team finished out the season.

Archive Photo: Senior Phyllis Tigges is happy with how she and her team finished out the season.

The Illinois State women’s tennis team ended its season with a 4-0 loss to No. 54 Wichita St. in the MVC Championship semifinals Saturday.

In singles competition there were three matches that went unfinished, the No. 1, No. 4 and No. 6 matches. The No. 1 slot ended with a score of 2-6 and 5-5 between Julia Schiller of WSU and Phyllis Tigges. In the next match, Rebecca Pedrazzi beat Emmie Marx 6-4 and 6-3. In the No. 3 position, Abby Stevens took down Sierra Stone 6-3 and 6-0 and the next unfinished match ended with a score of 6-3 and 5-5 between Montse B. Fernandez and ISU’s Carolina Abello. In the No. 5 match, Veronika Blaskova beat Madeliene Baillon, 6-3 and 6-4. The final singles match between Satjaporn Mahajaroenkul and ISU’s Kadi Ilves went unfinished with a score of 6-0 and 6-6.

The Redbirds also failed to record a point in doubles competition in the top two positions. In the No. 1 slot, Tigges and her doubles partner Baillon lost 8-3 against WSU’s Blaskova and Lucia Kovalova. In the No. 2 match, the duo of Marx and Stone fell to WSU partners Fernandez and Pedrazzi 8-3. The final doubles match between Ilves and partner Heather Nisbet and Schiller and Stevens ended with a score of 7-2 before play was stopped.

“I was really happy about how I played and how I finished my tennis career. I was especially happy about how I played against Wichita. Overall, I think this was one of the best weekends I had and I am so glad to finish it so positively,” Tigges said.

The ISU women also played Friday, where they had a successful day and beat Northern Iowa 4-0 in the first round of the 2014 MVC Championships.

Starting with singles matches, No. 2, No. 4 and No. 5 all ended unfinished. The No. 1, No. 3 and No. 6 matches were the three matches that finished and gave ISU three points. The first to finish her match was Ilves in the No. 6 position where she beat Sydney Wolfe of UNI 6-1 and 6-1. Next to finish was Tigges in the No. 2 position after she defeated Jieke Stroobant 6-3 and 6-0 in the No. 1 match and ISU freshman Stone earned the fourth point for the Redbirds after she defeated Elivira Lopez 6-4 and 6-1 to secure the ISU victory.

“This is one of the greatest and talented groups of girls I have met. Throughout the semesters I have met my best friends and I will miss all of them. The younger girls are so talented and so great as well that they will be able to do great things in the future. Coming to ISU was the best decision I have made,” Tigges added.

The Illinois State women’s team finishes the season at .500 with an overall record of 10-10 and a conference record of 2-4.

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