Top 5 summer vacations

Schools out for summer. Well, just about. We are currently two weeks away from being free from homework, tests and the infamous and dreaded finals week. When the sun comes out and the air gets hotter and the tans get darker, what are you going to do with all that free time? Have no fear. Here are a few great ideas to help you find a cure for that summer slump.

Andrew S. Avitt/Photographer

Andrew S. Avitt/Photographer

1. Road Trip
A road trip is a classic summer excursion. The best road trips tend to come about in moments of pure boredom mixed with a bit of spontaneity. If you have a few days with absolutely nothing planned, grab your closest friend. Pack a suitcase and just drive! You will be surprised what a road trip can do to strengthen friendships and create everlasting memories.

2. A Cruise
All right, don’t get all “Titanic” on me, but a cruise is a great way to see multiple places while still staying confined to a magnificent and luxurious boat. On a cruise, “roughing it” is not an option. Luxury is literally everywhere. Does sailing the open seas sound like your kind of vacation?

3. Adventure
Sometimes we just crave that shot of pure adrenaline! Sky diving, rock climbing, paragliding, bungee jumping? Why not do it all! Check something wild off your bucket list this summer and find something totally unusual to do. Adventures make for the best stories.

4. Tropical Location
This one is obviously a given. Who doesn’t want to spend their summer relaxing beach-side getting the tan (or burn) of a lifetime? Clear blue water, sunny skies, white sandy beaches; I’m not sure it could get much better than that.

5. Stay-cation
Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is the best remedy for post school stressors. Relax to the max. Sophomore education major Katie Socha said, “I want to be spending time with my family and friends, relaxing and being carefree until next semester starts.” Set up the Netflix and order the Chinese take-out, and you’ve got yourself the perfect stay-cation.

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