Two school buses collide, no injuries

Those walking to class or driving by Schroeder Hall around 3 p.m. Monday may have noticed the fleet of school buses, police cars and fire trucks.

A two-bus collision occurred at the corner of University Street and College Avenue. No injuries were reported.

McLean County Unit 5 bus 119 has frontal damage while bus 37 experienced rear damage.

Normal Fire Department Captain  Steven Mcleese said the buses were carrying Kingsley Junior High School students when they collided.

“These two buses ran into each other, and the assistant principal has been authorized to handle the situation,” Mcleese said.

Kingsley Junior High School Assistant Principal Eric Hadden signed off on transporting students involved in the crash to buses 57 and 94. The students were driven to their drop-off locations safely from there or picked up by their parents.

Andrew S. Avitt / Photographer: After serving as Director for University Housing Services for 26 years, Maureen Blair is retiring at the end of the semester.

Jake Johnson / Photographer: An accident involving two school buses occurred at the corner of University Street and College Avenue Monday afternoon.

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