What Are You Staring At?










Do you ever notice people staring at you? I am not talking about glancing over at someone or making eye contact. That is completely different. Those acts suggest positivity. I am talking about when people gawk at you for no reason. Being human, we can only assume the worst. And I think we can all agree that when we feel like everyone is staring at us for some unknown reason, it can make us somewhat  uncomfortable. When I mention that people are staring at me, my parents tell me not to worry about it. People are just admiring my beauty haha. Something only your parents would say! We cannot read people’s minds, but I sometimes wish we could, especially when people are staring. What are they looking at? What are they thinking?

I guess that is what bothers me. Not that I am being stared at. It is that I do not know what the person is thinking. Can you relate to that? I suppose they could just be mindlessly staring with nothing going on in their head. But when someone is staring at you directly, you cannot help but wonder what is going on in their head. It can be a  little awkward to call them out and say, “Hey! What is with the staring? Take a picture; it lasts longer.” I wish that people would say why they are staring. Or that I could read minds. That way I would be able to distinguish between those who want to engage in conversation or those who are just staring off into space.

But for now, while mind reading is not an available superpower (that I am aware of), a simple smile will do to break the ice. Again, it could be a little awkward. But it will definitely be an easy way to distinguish between the people that really want to talk to you and those whose minds are somewhere else.

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