Workshop addresses ReggieNet upgrades

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology’s (CTLT) Instructional Technology and Media team will host micro-workshops today about the new ReggieNet features.

The micro-workshops will focus on the new upgrades made over Spring Break. The features were added at this time because this is when all the course sites are created for the following fall. It also allows ample times for faculty, teaching and staff to become accumulated with the new software before new classes begin.

“The workshops are to introduce the new features of ReggieNet, but it’s also to take a little bit of the fear and maybe frustration out of learning any new management system,” Jim Gee, coordinator, communication and faculty development for the CTLT, said.

The presentation will be broken down into a 20 minute micro-workshop highlighting the many new upgrades to the system. Immediately following, people are open to ask questions and ask for one-on-one assistance, Gee said.

The remainder of the event will allow for individuals to use the new software firsthand with personnel on site to answer any further questions.

A few of the new features include a Lesson Builder function, drag and drop mobility, embed YouTube videos, discussion tool improvements and accessibility improvements among others, Gee said.

For further support about ReggiNet, a person can go to Ctlt.Ilstu.Edu and click on the ReggieNet logo in the right corner of the screen. This will provide a person with a list of the new features and a brief video about ReggieNet.

The event is free and no registration is needed, but the event is only open to individuals with a teaching assignment on campus.

The micro-workshops will be held from 1 to 2:30 p.m. in Turner Hall Room 125. In addition, throughout the year the CTLT sponsors several other workshops to aid students and faculty alike with ReggiNet management questions.

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