Exciting start for the NBA Playoffs

Tim Carroll/Sports Columnist

Tim Carroll/Sports Columnist

With all the buzzer beaters and competitive series, these NBA playoffs have provided us with some great moments that didn’t seem possible at the start of the season.

The Eastern Conference was supposed to be too top heavy, with the likes of the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets set to dominate the rest of the conference. The Western Conference was always supposed to be exciting, but even they have been able to ramp it up as a whole, providing many photo finishes, relying on big shots to end games late in the fourth quarter and overtime.

My Bulls have been disappointing in the playoffs, and as of this writing, they are down 3-1 with almost no hope of being able to mount a comeback with their putrid offense. The Miami Heat were also in the most boring series, as predicted. With Charlotte Bobcats center Al Jefferson hurt, Miami coasted through the series to a 4-0 sweep.

Every other series though has provided so many incredible moments and so many back-and-forth games to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Portland Trail Blazers may lead the Houston Rockets 3-1, but three of the four games have gone into overtime, with many late shots swinging momentum like a pendulum.

Before Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments were released, the Clippers and Warriors were in a wild series featuring many up and down performances to keep things even at two games each.

Even both one seed and eight seed matchups have been wild. The Pacers have been crumbling against the sub-.500 Atlanta Hawks, now leading Indiana 3-2 following a game five dismantling. The San Antonio Spurs, who won 19 games in a row near the end of the season, have also been taken the distance by their old foe the Dallas Mavericks, with Vince Carter reliving his glory days, hitting a game winner for the Mavs that made game three an instant classic.

It seems as though parity is more prominent than ever in the NBA. The marathon of the NBA season values consistency, giving teams a chance to work their way into a groove in order to compete at this time of year. It also, however, provides teams with a chance to blow their fast start.

The Brooklyn Nets have been one of the best teams since the calendar changed to 2014, but the Toronto Raptors have found ways to win two of the four games in the series.

With all these exciting playoff series, let’s hope they can get dragged on for as long as possible.

Some people just care about who wins the title, but for basketball purists, let’s enjoy all these games while we can.

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