Skaterock for Soles a success

Last Saturday, many local skateboarders and music fans came together to enjoy the beautiful weather at Fairview Park for Skaterock for the Soles, a series of skateboarding competitions and a live music festival to benefit the charity Skateistan.

“It was big. I want to say there were about 90 to 100 people,” Steve Hurley, senior sociology major and president of Skate Ilstu, said. Skate Ilstu is the other RSO behind the event along with ISU-Core. “I was very impressed with the turnout.”

The day began with a truly epic “game of SKATE” contest. SKATE is essentially the basketball game HORSE but with skateboarding tricks.

“The game of SKATE took a little longer than expected because there were some really great games,” Hurley said. “I saw some tricks that I’ve never seen landed at that park.”

The first band to perform, a two-piece called MADDOG, played a catchy brand of noisey rock informed by groups like No Age, Japandroids and Wavves.

“The simplest way to describe our music would be punk,” MADDOG’s Brian Meyer, a junior English studies major, said. “This was our first show, but everyone seemed to be into it.”

Other performers included mikeyDUBS, a local rapper who played a set composed of intensely lyrical original songs, as well as a number of Kanye West covers that the crowd responded warmly to.

Metal band Wasting Away brought a tight, but lively performance. “I love the energy that they bring,” Alex Zarek, a sophomore arts technology major and ISU-Core’s founder, said. “Wasting Away is one of my favorite bands to see, not just locally, but period.”

Clad in Blackhawks jerseys, the final band to perform, Talk To You Never, played a fun, smiley strain of pop-punk before the live music portion of Skaterock for the Soles was abruptly ended by the police.

“When the cop rolled up she said she had received a couple noise complaints, but she was extremely nice about it,” Hurley of Skate Ilstu, said. “She said that because we didn’t have a permit we would have to turn it down.”

“There was a miscommunication about how we were actually going to obtain the sound permit,” Hurley said. “We now know what we need to do in the future.”

“There’s always going to be miscommunication when it comes to planning large events with multiple organizations,” ISU-Core’s Zarek said.

“Even after the whole cop debacle, we actually ended up continuing the contests,” Hurley said.

Jake Johnson/Photographer

Jake Johnson/Photographer
Troy Ruff, a graphic design major at ICC, enjoyed the perfect whether Saturday.

“We still had contestants who paid an entry fee to compete: I was here to finish it. Everyone got their prizes and the competitors seemed to really enjoy it.”

Despite a few set backs, all-in-all Skaterock for the Soles proved to be an exciting day of music, sun and skating.

“Seeing all the people hanging out on the lawn surrounding the park made it feel like a real music festival,” ISU-Core’s Zarek said.

“To have a full-fledge hardcore show, while there’s a skateboarding competition going on, and to have there be no injuries, I would have to say that the event was a real success.”

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