Bone Center updates rennovation plans

Archive Photo The Bone Student Center is planning on making several rennovations over the next few years, including an updated food court on the second floor.

Archive Photo
The Bone Student Center is planning on making several rennovations over the next few years, including an updated food court on the second floor.

The Bone Student Center (BSC) as ISU students know it is about to undergo several major renovations within the next few years.

The revitalization plans for the BSC have been in talks for at least 20 years, BSC director Michelle Paul said.

“As student needs have changed, the Bone has continued to evolve,” Paul explained. “As campus community builders, the student center strives to offer high-quality, innovative experiences to its constituents.”

The most recent plans being worked on were developed in 2010 through meetings with an architect firm, students, faculty and staff input from the community.

In May of this year, the Board of Trustees (BOT) approved a Welcome Center, which will be meant for potential and new students coming to ISU.

Plans also include improving the East and West entries into the building and loading dock improvements with upgraded usability.

They also plan on relocating the catering kitchen from the second floor to the first floor in order to better serve the 14,000 square foot Brown Ballroom, as well as the other meeting rooms.

Other plans passed are the improved food venues on the second floor.

“The area vacated by the catering kitchen would become a food court type area, campus dining administrative offices and the Welcome Center,” Paul said.

All the plans that the BOT passed will take two to five years, Paul added.

“Design will be up to 24 months and then approvals and construction could take up to another 36 months … We’d like to say the timing would be less, but we’ll just see.”

As of now, the budget for the project is at $2 million. Once the plans have been officially finalized, those in charge of the plans will return to the BOT for approval to fund the construction.

The BSC updates will benefit ISU students in many ways. The food service area on the second flood will become multi-purpose space, and if the venues close in the evenings they will be used for meeting and hang out space.

This will be done in hopes that more student groups will be brought into the building with the way the space is being reconstructed on the second floor.

This student organization space being created will be shared and flexible to accommodate many groups and interests, Paul said.

“Getting around the building will be improved and offer a pleasant experience for guests.”

The building will also have more windows, allowing daylight to open up the spaces.

The building celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013.

For the last four decades, the building’s mission has been to offer quality facilities and services which contribute to the educational experiences for students and their quality of college life.

Described as “the living room of campus,” the Bone provides out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities for students to enrich their growth and development.

“We are excited about what the future holds for the Bone and the students, faculty and staff we serve at ISU,” Paul said.

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