Top 5 signs you know you’re no longer a kid

Growing old is inevitable. Unfortunately we can’t become real life Peter Pans and live in Neverland forever. Here’s some determining signs that your youth is coming to an end:

Jake Johnson / Photo Editor: Your willingness to clean without being asked by your parents is one determining factor for youth coming to an end.

Jake Johnson / Photo Editor:
Your willingness to clean without being asked by your parents is one determining factor for youth coming to an end.

1. Cleaning without being asked

Chores were the worst part of living in your parents’ house. Being asked to wash the dishes, mop the floors, clean your room and take the dog out were burdens and almost always started with an argument. Now that you live alone, whether it is in a dorm or your new apartment this year, cleaning is something you WANT to do. Congratulations, you’re earning your wings! Now that you understand what it’s like to live in towers of pizza boxes and piles of dirty laundry on the floor, taking matters into your own hands is your only option.

2. Being a worrywart

It feels like ages since curfews were put into place. Now that you’re above the parental demands you can stay out as late as you want! However, when your roommates don’t come home before 1 a.m. and you start frantically texting and calling to make sure they are safe, you have just entered the realm of parenthood. Now you know how they felt when you were 10 minutes late for curfew.

3. Requiring more than 3 hours of sleep

All-nighters were an easy thing to accomplish as a fresh, young student. Soon you’ll start to realize that it becomes almost impossible to function without a decent amount of sleep. Staying up all night makes you crabby, exhausted, on edge and just down right terrible to be around. When all night study sessions turn into, “10 p.m.? Time for bed!” you know you’re just growing up.

4. Grocery shopping on your own

Life was so much easier when food magically appeared in the kitchen, wasn’t it? Well now you’re on your own and grocery shopping is a weekly adventure. Buying frozen meals and “just add water” dishes are easy as pie. You’re an amature at this point. When you learn to buy fresh produce, meats and other ingredients to come home and cook a meal on you’re own, you have stepped into the light.

5. Being Sick 

Being sick while away from home can be one of the worst things you’ll experience in college. Mom is not around to make you soup and wait on your hand and foot while you’re away. Learning experiences are abundant when you’re sick and learning to take care of yourself even when you don’t feel like it. When your mom isn’t sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office, you’re making some good progress. Cooking meals for yourself, knowing what medicine to take, what not to take and disinfecting the house are all skills a blossoming adult will possess after being sick while away from mommy.

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