NEWS BRIEF: McCuskey announces new position

Lindsey Clark


On July 3, former ISU Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairman Michael McCuskey will be returning to his roots.

In May, McCuskey had retired from being the U.S. District Court judge in addition to his role as the Chairman of the BOT.

He will now take the job of resident circuit judge of Marshall Co. This position is in the 10th Judicial Circuit.

McCuskey, a 1970 ISU graduate, will be replacing judge Kevin Galley, who will be retiring on July 2.

Perhaps the most interesting and rewarding element of McCuskey fulfilling this position is the fact that he will be coming back to the very same courtroom in which he began his judicial career 26 years ago.

“It feels great — I’m back home, starting over with the lawyers and people I know and have grown up with — it’s a good feeling,” he said.

In fact, the position McCuskey is acting in now is the same one he had been elected for in 1988, where he sat in felony court in Peoria for two years. He then was quickly appointed to a Justice on the Third District Appellate Court of the State of Illinois in 1990.

McCuskey has many accomplishments to his career, one of the most notable having been the chief judge for the Central District from Dec. 2004 to March 2012.

McCuskey hopes to be assigned to the counties of Putnam, Stark and Peoria in January 2015. He travels to Peoria daily for his job now.

“Taking this position gives me the opportunity to do something that I didn’t have a chance to do before,” he said.

His term will last through Dec. 5 2016.

“It’s giving me a chance to do something I always wanted to do but never accomplished in the past,” he said.

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