Review: ‘22 Jump Street’ thrives in following up tough first act


MCT Photo: Jonah Hill (left) plays an art student while Channing Tatum (right) plays a football star and fraternity member.

MCT Photo:
Jonah Hill (left) plays an art student while Channing Tatum (right) plays a football star and fraternity member.

Whether they’re walking the halls of high school or the Quad of a college campus, Tatum and Hill shine as undercover cops in “Jump Street” series.

“22 Jump Street” hit theaters on June 13 this year and defied the stereotypes surrounding most sequel movies. In this summer movie hit, stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum make the sequel to “21 Jump Street” a hilarious mix of comedy and action.

Tatum and Hill play police officers who go undercover as college students to bust a drug dealer who is selling a new, harmful and potentially deadly drug to college students.

In “21 Jump Street” the dynamic duo endure high school together. Now the team takes on college but the tension mounts between their resilient friendship.

Tatum plays Officer Jenko, a tall, tan and handsome guy who immediately makes friends in a fraternity and joins the football team. After leaving his partner in crime, Officer Schmidt, played by Hill, in the dust, their “bromance” starts to crumble.

Jenko gets wrapped up in college life and forgets about his job as an undercover officer and lets his friendship with Schmidt slip. After the police department accuses the wrong man for distributing drugs to the students, Schmidt and Jenko reunite on Spring Break to crack the case.

This movie is a fantastic combination of action and witty comedy. “22 Jump Street” will have you laughing and quoting lines long after you leave the theater.

The film portrays the extremes of college life that you cannot help but laugh at. This movie is great for college students and up. It is relatable and downright hilarious.

All of the clichés of college life from dorms, to parties, fraternity life, sports and relationships are portrayed in the film. Tatum and Jonah Hill make a hilarious pair and are perfect for their roles.

I would highly recommend this film if you like to laugh and you don’t have to see “21 Jump Street” to understand the movie, like some other sequel movies. It is an engaging comedy and definitely worth the trip to the theater.

Vidette Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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