Flanagan found guilty of disorderly conduct

Former ISU President Timothy Flanagan was found guilty of disorderly conduct Monday.

Former ISU President Timothy Flanagan was found guilty of disorderly conduct Monday.

Timothy Flanagan, former ISU President, has been found guilty of a disorderly conduct charge at his trial on the morning of June 30 in McLean County Circuit Court.

Flanagan has been sentenced to a year of court supervision, 30 hours of community service and is required to pay a $300 fine.

Flanagan’s final verdict was given by Associate Judge Michael Stroh, after hearing a prosecutor’s evidence for the case. If Flanagan follows the orders of his court supervision, a conviction will not go in the court record, according to the Pantagraph on Monday.

Flanagan gave a printed statement to reporters after he left the courtroom, which read: “I regret raising my voice during this encounter and my choice of words was ill-advised.”

The charge is related to a Dec. 5 altercation that occurred outside his home in which Flanagan yelled at former ISU Grounds superintendent Patrick Murphy, who lost his job over the encounter.

It was reported that Flanagan screamed at Murphy in addition to flailing his arms “in a manner that alarmed and disturbed Murphy,” in a report given by State’s Attorney Jason Chambers when the charge was made public.

The report also indicated that Flanagan had spat on Murphy, which Flanagan denied.

Murphy filed a police report on Feb. 27, and Flanagan officially resigned as president on March 22. He was then charged with disorderly conduct on March 25.

In April, Flanagan pled not guilty in court, although he had admitted to police and acknowledged that he had yelled at Murphy and employers should not speak to employees that way.

Murphy has since been rehired at ISU as of April 24, as a horticulturalist and curator of the Fell Arboretum.

Flanagan and his wife have moved to Colorado, Chief of Staff Jay Groves said.

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