Fourth of July fashion dos and don’ts

Fourth of July translates into fireworks, warm weather and a long weekend off work here are some dos and don’ts to ensure that your patriotic outfit is a reflection of those fireworks:

DO wear the patriotic colors of red, white and blue. It’s that time of year where red, white and blue are acceptable to wear together, despite the cliché. In fact, the cliché is encouraged. If you are not wearing some form of red, white or blue on the Fourth, you will be cast out.  All right, maybe not literally. It’s the one time you can wear two primary colors and not be made fun of for your lack of color matching skills. Take advantage of the festivities and wear your American pride.

DON’T wear white bottoms. The majority of your Fourth of July activities will be outside, on the grass, running around, eating food and being in the heat. The last thing you want is a grass stain or a drop of ketchup on those crisp, new white pants. I mean, hey, if you’re a stain-removing genius then feel free to wear all white — at your own risk of course.

DO pull out the cowboy boots and the hat. Country attire and music is the epitome of American culture so don’t be afraid to rock the Fourth with some southern swag. Even you city folk can pretend to be country chic for a day.

DO have a back up outfit. The Fourth of July is known for fun in the sun. Between cookouts, parades, fireworks and BBQs there’s no escaping the heat on the Fourth. I know I don’t like sitting in sweaty clothes so if you’re outside all day, consider a daytime outfit and an evening outfit for the fireworks.

DON’T be afraid to wear extra accessories. Pull out the dress up bin and find your beads, star shaped glasses, flip flops and patriotic hat. It’s America’s birthday. Celebrate it like one.  Anything goes, so go all out to create a memorable Fourth of July.  

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