Yoga studio continues to attract attention

Jake Johnson / Photo Editor: Located at 114 W. North St., Camille Marie Yoga studio gains population in the Bloomington-Normal community.

Jake Johnson / Photo Editor:
Located at 114 W. North St., Camille Marie Yoga is gaining popularity in the Bloomington-Normal community.

As yoga continues to grow in popularity and proves to be beneficial to people’s health, more and more yoga studios are popping up. Fairly new to Uptown Normal is the Camille Marie Yoga studio, which gives the community a chance to try yoga at a convenient location.

Camille Easton opened her yoga studio in October 2013, and it has seen great success so far. Her studio, located in Uptown Normal at the Uptown Dance Studio, is currently undergoing an expansion.

Easton is a well-certified instructor who is passionate about sharing yoga with others. She did her training with two well-known yoga instructors before opening a studio of her own.

She spent a week of intensive training in the Catskill Mountains of New York state with Mr. Baron Baptiste. She also trained with yoga instructor Jonny Kest, who received her two hundred hour National Yoga Certification in Detroit.

When Easton is not in the studio, she works as a nurse. She has three years of experience in long-term nursing care and spent a year at a Chemical Dependency Hospital in Ohio where she was not only a nurse, but she taught yoga to patients and staff.

Being a long-term nurse gives her a different perspective and helps encourage her yoga practice.

“I’ve seen a lot of people die because they didn’t move and stay active. Yoga gives people a place to let go of stress and learn stress prevention,” Easton said.

Yoga has proven to be beneficial to the health and wellness of people of all ages. A variety of studies have shown that yoga boosts immunity, improves strength and flexibility, leads to better sleep and more energy, and is a great stress reliever.

“I think you can find power and strength you didn’t know you had. You can find release and healing, and it straight up feels good,” Easton said.

Stress relief is a major factor in yoga and is the most well-known benefit. Yoga creates a calming environment and gives people a chance to put aside time and focus on what they need.

The idea of yoga is to connect breathing to movement and clear your mind to escape the stress of everyday life.

Although yoga poses can seem intimidating at first, there are different levels of yoga to choose from.

“I have a slow class, where I recommend beginners start, on Monday night and Saturday morning,” Easton said. “My Vinyasa Flow class is more challenging on the Wednesdays and Thursdays.”

Whether you already have experience with yoga, or you just want to check it out and take a break from your busy day, yoga has something for everyone.

The studio has different price ranges and class deals, and if you are a student you can do drop-ins for just $8.

“I started doing yoga at a very stressful time of my life when I was working, going to nursing school, and having kids,” Easton said. “I started going to yoga and it was very powerful for me and changed my life, I have to share this with people.”

For more information about the yoga studio, schedule and more, visit Easton’s website at or check out her Facebook page. Anyone interested in starting yoga is welcome and the first class is free.


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