Familes of MH17 victims deserve better treatment

The Ukraine Crisis has made worldwide headlines recently. The most recent catastrophe that is gaining attention is the Malaysian (MH17) airline disaster that took the lives of 298 innocent people from all around the world.

Pro-Russian separatists are suspected of shooting down the civilian aircraft over rebel territory in the Ukraine and affected countries are taking action. According to, The Netherlands have even opened a war crime investigation to prosecute those responsible. They withhold the rights to open such an investigation if any Dutch person was affected.

According to, after the crash, pro-Russian separatists began to remove the bodies from the crash site and place them in refrigerated carts to be transported to an undisclosed location.

Affected countries are confused by this action, and are condemning it as well. Separatists are being accused of covering up evidence from the crash, as well as disrespecting those deceased in the crash.

Families want the bodies of their loved ones returned to them, so they can receive a proper burial instead of being shipped off to some undisclosed location.

This editorial board cannot help but feel the same way towards the actions of the pro-Russian separatists. These victims deserve a proper burial in their home countries, and if the rebels felt any remorse towards what happened, they would gladly oblige and send the victims’ bodies back to their families.

The main concern with the shooting of the MH17 flight is the suspicion that Russia is involved. According to an article published by, Russian-made BUK missiles are the suspected weapons used to shoot down the MH17 flight, which could have been directly provided by the Russians.

If this is the case, Russia killed about 300 innocent civilians and is now  scrambling to cover it up. The train carts of refrigerated bodies are a good indicator that this is indeed the case.

Meanwhile, Russia blames the Ukraine military for the crash, and according to, Russian media outlets are even beginning to blame the CIA for the mass killings. People are afraid this incident could be a stepping stone for World War III, and with the military technology that is currently available in this period of time, World War III could be devastating.

Regardless, what the Ukraine Rebels are doing with the dead is entirely disrespectful, and downright despicable. Not only are they not taking responsibility for their actions, they are intentionally covering up evidence that could lead to prosecution.

If Russian military technology was involved, then Russia would be in hot water for supporting a terrorist act that affected a vast amount of countries.

Russia needs to do everything in its power to smooth out this situation instead of directing blame toward others. The first step in doing so would be to show some courtesy for those who have lost loved ones and return the bodies to the families of the victims.

The United States has been condemning the actions displayed in the Ukraine in regards to the handling of the victims’ bodies, for a good reason. If Russia continues to deflect blame, they will continue to make more enemies than allies.


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