Lollapalooza Survival Guide: Take on the fest like a pro

MCT Campus Photo: The annual Lollapalooza music will take place Aug. 1-3 in Chicago’s Grant Park. Attendees can expect headliners like Kings of Leon, Eminem, Skrillex and Lorde as well as smaller artists.

MCT Campus Photo:
The annual Lollapalooza music will take place Aug. 1-3 in Chicago’s Grant Park. Attendees can expect headliners like Kings of Leon, Eminem, Skrillex and Lorde as well as smaller artists.

Whether you’re a Chicago native or a visitor from Bloomington-Normal, attending the infamous summer music festival Lollapalooza can be quite the endeavor  use this suvival guide to ensure you tackle it like a seasoned veteran.

Download the Lollapalooza app and grab a paper schedule on your way into the venue

With more than 300,000 music enthusiastics and various genres of artists, you’ll want to make sure you plan your weekend to maximize your experience. The free app can help you schedule your days in advance while the paper copy is ideal for checking while moving from stage to stage.

Apply sunscreen, then reapply

Grant Park is a massive park where many stages and tents are set up with different artists performing at each one around the clock. Unfortunately, not all of them have a tent to keep the hot summer sun from beating down on you all day long. Too many Lolla attendees have fallen victim to severe burns after the weekend-long festival. Make sure you’re prepared to protect your skin from the August heat.

Bring a refillable water bottle 

Along with sunscreen, you should always have a bottle of water on you to keep you hydrated. Lolla distributes carton refillable waters, but it’s also a good idea to bring your own. Camelbaks are great options to ensure you’ll be dancing by Perry’s stage all night long. Being hydrated is vital to enjoying your time at Lolla. From heavy crowds, to dancing and singing and of course the heat, dehydration is something you want to protect yourself from as well.

Pick up a map of Grant Park 

You can find a map of Grant Park online at This shows you where the stages are so you know where you are in the park. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty large venue, so you will also want to map out who is playing where and at what time so you can plan to see all the artists on your list.

Wear appropriate clothing

You’ll see a ridiculous amount of flower headbands, high waited shorts, bandeaus and crop tops throughout the weekend — you can avoid this trend overload by making sure you are wearing clothes that aren’t too valuable. With thousands of people sweating in the summer sun, sitting on the grass and walking through the mud or dirt, you don’t want to ruin your good shoes or clothes.

Designate a meeting place for your group

If you’re traveling with friends it’s always a good idea to pick a spot to meet if one of you gets away from the group. Lollapalooza is a hectic event with tons of people roaming the park. Getting lost is not a hard thing to do.

Bring a portable phone charger

Along with a meeting spot, it might be a good idea to invest in a portable phone charger so you are always connected. Lollapalooza starts at 11:30 a.m. and goes until well past 10 p.m. and between taking pictures, snapchats and social media, your phone is in for a long day of use. Expect cell phone signals to be weak, as thousands of other people are trying to reach their group of friends at the same time.

Coordinate transportation and a place to stay

The train stations are always packed during Lollapalooza. One thing you want to make sure you have is a solid plan and a train schedule. If you are taking the train you might want to think about leaving the last show a bit early to get a spot and to avoid missing. You don’t want to miss your train and be stuck in the city with no place to stay. Use your connections and get in touch with people who live in or near the city for a place to stay during the weekend. Have cash on you to pay for train tickets; if you buy your ticket on the train there is also an extra fee. Get to the station early to buy a weekend pass and don’t lose it. It is much cheaper to buy a pass for the weekend than buying a ticket each trip to the city.

Go to Perry’s stage — you won’t regret it

Despite what you may have heard about Lolla, Perry’s stage is the heart of the music festival. Not only is it a great way to kill time in between headlines, but this stage continues to gain momentum throughout the day. You’re guaranteed to find the high energy at Perry’s that you’ll need to keep you motivated throughout the weekend’s festivities.

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