Review: Smith’s new album combines musical elements for fresh sound

Recently, more and more people have been introduced to the incredible rising artist, Sam Smith, who just released his new album “In the Lonely Hour,” which is nothing short of fantastic.

Smith’s debut came when he was featured in Disclosure’s popular hit “Latch,” where his voice helped the song reach the top of the charts. At only 22, Sam Smith has become an instant sensation and has already won two awards from the 2014 BRIT Critics’ Choice Awards. Smith says he is especially influenced by the deceased Amy Winehouse, as well as other artists such as Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

The album kicks off with his top hit “Money on my Mind” which offers a more upbeat, electronic tune to it and is a strong start to the album. He also uses the song to introduce where he stands in the music industry. The song describes his love for the music industry and how he is in it for the music, not the salary.

Following the more upbeat tune is the second major hit on the album “Good Thing.” The best part about the song is the opening, where listeners are captivated by the first notes and are then surprised by the complete change in sound as it becomes more upbeat with a pop tone incorporated into it.

One of my personal favorites on the album, “Lay Me Down,” showcases the soul influence of artists such as Amy Winehouse. It is particularly impressive because of its unique sound that blends together  soul and pop music. It captures the heart of both. Smith sings the song with a lot of energy and passion for the lyrics.

Listeners can really feel Smith’s emotions in all of his songs and the way he genuinely connects to his music. As the writer of his own music, he shows a passion for what he is singing, making his work more meaningful. When the album was released, Smith announced that it was written for a man who did not love him back, but he said he made his music hoping that anyone and everyone could relate to it somehow.

The unique combination of pop, soul and even some gospel create a fresh sound to music that this generation is ready for. It is refreshing to see something come out without any techno or house music approaches involved.

The entire album is filled with moving love ballads in a variety of sounds and Smith produces one strong hit after another. The entire album is great for almost anywhere. There are songs that keep you moving, but also plenty to wind down to as well. I enjoy the calming tone of the album and Smith’s incredible writing talent and acoustics will keep you mesmerized from beginning to end.

Overall I couldn’t find a bad thing to say about this album. Sam Smith’s great voice has won me over as much as it has the critics and fans. This album is worth the download and almost anyone can take something away from these songs. The lyrics, tone and songs bring my rating to a five out of five stars. Trust me, this is an album that does not disappoint.

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