Police officer name released in Ferguson shooting

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson released on Aug. 15 the name of the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown last Saturday.

Darren Wilson, a six-year veteran on the Ferguson police force, was identified as the shooter. His name was withheld until Aug. 15 citing concerns for Wilson’s and his family’s safety. Several violent threats were made to the Ferguson police and over social media.

Currently, Wilson is being treated for injuries he received last Saturday, the night of the incident. Before his name was released, Wilson discussed a robbery which took place several hours before the shooting on Aug. 9.

The police have since released footage related to the robbery in an effort to produce evidence to the case for public information.

At the present time, FBI special agent in charge, William P. Woods and the Justice Department attorneys had several interviews with people who witnessed the shooting, and that they will be surveying the neighborhood to find anyone else who might have some more information on the matter.

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