The Vidette will serve same purpose despite print reduction

Kellie Faherty/Editor in Chief

Kellie Faherty/Editor in Chief

Change and challenge have never been more prominent at Illinois State University – from appointing several new administrators to accommodating the largest freshman class in 25 years, there is much anticipation surrounding this new school year. The Vidette is no exception to this environment of change.

The Vidette was printed four days per week last year, but it will only print two times per week on Mondays and Thursdays this year. Some of our supplements, like the annual Rental Guide, will be distributed on Wednesdays.

You may no longer be able to pick up a fresh copy of our paper in between classes every day, but that doesn’t mean our presence or quality will diminish. You’ll still be able to read Vidette original content Monday through Friday on our website.

We know most of you are transitioning towards getting most of your news and information digitally, and The Vidette is making transition right along with you.

With fewer pages to design and fewer print deadlines to meet, our editorial staff will have more time to amp up our digital presence. We’ll still be working the same days and hours, which means we’re fully committed to helping you, our readers, get their news in the most efficient and interesting way possible.

To keep pace with what you expect, want and deserve in this digital world, we’ll be spending those extra hours developing appealing infographics, video and photo galleries for our website.

We’re excited and confident about our new publication model, but we need your help for it to be successful. As we gear up for this challenge, we ask you to follow us on Twitter, “Like” us on Facebook and email us your thoughts and suggestions.

Since The Vidette was founded 126 years ago in 1888, it has provided a voice to the students of ISU and the campus with the news it needs — this will always remain the same.



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