Top 5 ways to reconnect with friends from last year

1. Head to the Rec

A work out session is a great way to catch up with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while. It’s an easy (and free) activity that will give you the opportunity to chat about your summers. Plus you will have plenty of time of think of topics to discuss while you’re trying to catch your breath.

Archive Photo:  Going to the gym is a great way to reconnect with friends.

Archive Photo:
Going to the gym is a great way to reconnect with friends.

2. Have a Lunch Date

Lunch is a great way to catch up with your BFFs while simultaneously satisfying your taste buds with that delicious Panera bread bowl you have been craving. It may seem impossible to fit lunch with a friends into your unbelievably busy life, so be sure to write it down, because forgetting your friend isn’t the best way to show them you’ve missed their company.

3. Get Some FroYo
Sometimes lunch is just too much of a time commitment and let’s face it, regular ice cream is so 2006. That’s what FroYo is for. FroYo dates with your friends is a clear way of putting a time limit on catching up, yet still making the effort to keep in contact. Plus it’s a great excuse to get a tasty treat!

4. Go Back-to-School Shopping

There’s nothing like a little retail therapy to keep a friendship going strong! Ask your bestie on a shopping date to catch up. It will give you plenty of time to talk about everything you missed over the summer and any awkward pauses can be avoided by simply discussing any of the objects that surround you.

5. Get Involved Together

Getting involved with your friends will give you something to do together that will benefit you both. Join an RSO that you are both interested in or voluteer at the Humane Society together. It will bring you both closer and the weekly meetings will give you even more chances to hang out.


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